Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Experimental Experience

So what did I learn in this class?  Well, let me tell you how I felt about the course in the very beginning.  I initially thought that the course would be about an entirely different aspect of work that I would be challenged greatly to accomplish.  After taking the course, it made me understand how much of an influence experimental film has become through film history.  I do not know why it had just occurred to me when I can constantly see the style taking over in music video and psychological filmmaking with distorted images, and rapid cuts throughout shots, but the influence is most certainly there and I assumed that I was just overlooking that concept.  Another thing that is always a learning experience to me is time management.  This semester really pushed me towards it, with constant projects needed to be done within a short amount of time.  There was no excuse for the work needed to be done in the course and you really had to organize yourself, along with the others involved, to complete the assignments.  Being someone that had taken a break from school for two years, with no practice with the artistic media (unfortunately), I felt that this course helped me get a refresher on things and allowed me to explore more of my creative side.  Though I love to stick with post production, being able to work through the whole process was incredible to finally be doing again and I cannot wait for my next film project.  Overall, I have taken a lot from this class.  Creative influences, post production tricks, time management, and a great group of colleagues.  I was very thankful that I took this class and now with the new skills that I gained, I am ready to take on my next challenge.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Self Portrait Analysis

The Self Portrait assignment was a very interesting one, mostly due to the fact that I had to find out a way to create one without 'professional' film equipment.  As mentioned before, my idea was to use my laptop and cell phone to capture footage.  Unfortunately, capturing film through my film is disastrous and really did not keep a clear image at all.  So that idea was trashed and I kept my laptop, for more than obvious reasons.  Anyway, I wanted my film to really capture my straightforward character, that as well as my goofy nature as well.  I included people who mean the world to me to encapsulate my humanistic and loving self.  I also wanted to capture something that I tend to a lot as well, and that is not give much about myself.  Not many people know how I really am and that it mostly me avoiding to be fully open to everybody.  That is really all I can say about my self portrait, and hopefully it did carry on with the actual film itself.

Cucalorus: My Experience

Being my first ever film festival I attended,  the 22nd Cucalorus Film Festival was full of a variety of, not only films, but filmmakers and enthusiasts that gathered together for a few days and celebrate cinema.  First and foremost, I do not regret one bit about being there in person.  It truly inspired me to become more skillful in my craft.  Also, the variety of films were astonishing.  Many were shown in the venues all across Downtown Wilmington, from short films that are just a hair under a minute in length to full two hour feature films.  It was great to see that most of the showings included a Questions + Answers panel to allow the public ask questions to the creators of the films.
Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the first three days, which led to me missing some great screenings and events (really was a bummer), but the weekend had a lot to offer.  On Saturday morning, I arrived to Thalian Hall to view the Dance Short Film segment.  This was probably my favorite of the festival, myself being very keen on the editing and choreography.  Plus, it might be a little biased to say that as I am currently working on a music video as I write this.  Either way, the short films were something that really kept me up with interest.  Later that day, I would go CFCC to watch the comedic short films, and boy were they great.  From political satire, to dark comedy, to just plain randomness, watching such films are always a treat with a massive group of people.  Immediately afterward, I would attend the  convulsions short films screening.  I was actually looking forward to this segment the most, thinking as so how messed up these films can be.  Unfortunately, I might have hyped myself a little too much, but it was still very enjoyable.
The following Sunday, I went to go see two feature films, Delinquent and The Levelling, the Secret Screening.  Both were dark films that were very real and filled with emotional struggle.  The drama was great and I can't wait to see the films being distributed if they do.  Overall, Cucalorus will now be something I will attend as much as I possibly can.  Hopefully I will be able to get a spot to volunteer!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


It is that time of the year! The Cucalorus Film Festival will finally be starting within the next few hours and I can't personally wait.  Being my first film festival, all the art being shown this weekend has me filled with excitement!  Though I will not be able to attend many of screenings (which is just unfortunate), the few that I planned to attend sure seem promising.  Here's is the list:

  • Pelican Eel Shorts - Sat. @ 1015 in Thalian Black
  • Delinquent - Sat. @ 1300 in Thalian Ballroom
  • Bumphead Shorts - Sat. @ 1900 in CFCC Union Station
  • Lumpsuckers Shorts - Sat. @ 2130 in Jengo's Playhouse
  • Secret Screening- Sun. @ 1915 in Thalian Main
This are the main screenings I will be attending throughout the festival and hopefully I will be able to get in to some of the social events and speak to fellow film makers and enthusiasts.  It will be a fun weekend and hope to see a bunch of familiar and new faces.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Who Am I? My Idea of a Self-Portrait

My idea for my self-portrait is actually quite simple.  In my mind, it starts out with me opening up my laptop first thing in the morning, half asleep, trying to “complete” an unfinished assignment due within the hour.  This basically emphasizes my terrible habit of leaving things for the last minute.  The film will seem as if I am vlogging, then there will be sporadic cuts to random videos of myself doing a variety of activities that I do (or attempt to do).  From hearing my voice through a small microphone gaming, to the indoor soccer courts in the Rec Center, to even going back home for a couple of days and spending time with family and loved ones, I will be putting a variety of clips.  The way I would like to present the portrait is something that is so sporadic and busy, which is really all I am in this very moment.  I believe with that kind of central focus, it should create a film that would describe me in the best way I know how.  I seem to be mysterious and straight forward when people first meet me, so I would think that using the vlog scene to capture a bland version of myself would really encapsulate on what would it be to meet me for the first time (in a sense).  That being said,  I think the use of my phone camera and scanner would be a strange and stylistic touch.  With the inclusion of my laptop webcam, I believe that the changes of imagery would add an experimental taste of how society films themselves using technology that we have access to and even use on a daily basis.  I do not believe it would be difficult, but fun experiences to have people question me as to why I am filming myself in random times throughout the day.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Microcinemas: One Small Step

                After reading Rebecca Alvin’s “A Night at the Movies: From Art House to Microcinema,” I realized how vital it is for a community to be involved in the one’s process to become a successful filmmaker.  With these microcinemas across the nation, lesser known artists have the opportunity to showcase their art without any set limitation.  These cinemas are solely there for the public to view and discuss a variety of films that many would not even see in the mainstream box-office.  I find that very interesting with how one simple step in a small venue can really give them insight on the business and, at the same time, give them a reputation for future projects.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hands-On with Retro Photography

I would have never thought that I would actually get the chance to work with vintage equipment.  With some very well- known filmmakers returning towards the more vintage process of filmmaking, it was nice to be assigned a project that challenged what we knew in accordance of the equipment we were given.  It was a different experience, especially from someone who took a break from school.
Given the Pentax K1000, I was intrigued.   I can’t even remember the last time I even touched equipment.  From the weight, design, and even the add-ons that were included, I immediately was thinking of how to use it.  From portraits to extreme close-ups,  I was planning the assignment.  My only issue was that I could not take practice shots.  Being a film stock camera, I just have to be careful and have the benefit of the doubt when the photos are processed.
On the actual field work, I honestly had to go back to the instructions every now and then to fully understand what each function does.  Specifically, I had the most trouble reading the light meter.  I guess I was just a bit overwhelmed with the amount of dials and numbers that had to be considered to get a good photograph.  The photographs were surprising came out very with what I tried to accomplish.  My experimental and abstract shots were a bit different than I expected, though I did not expect how they came out and wound up liking them a lot.  All in all, using old technology to create something contemporary is something that I enjoyed very much.  Even some of my group members were interested in purchasing such equipment, including myself.  Hopefully, I can get the opportunity to use it again.